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Spousal Support And Your Rights Regarding Financial Outcomes

The financial side of a divorce can be contentious and complex. You must know your rights. You must know your options. You must be prepared to defend your position.

At Leslie L. Abrigo, APC, in Chula Vista, California, our full-service family law practice can help. Working with our attorneys means you have 20-plus years of experience on your side. Leslie L. Abrigo is a California Bar Board Certified Family Law Specialist. This may be your first time going through divorce, but it is not ours, and we help you to get the money and tools you need to financially survive and move past your divorce

This gives us an edge. For instance, since we have seen it all, we offer excellent services to help uncover hidden assets. We fight for fair resolutions. We avoid critical mistakes that many people make on their own. We prevent important oversights. We offer trustworthy, dependable representation throughout every step in the process.

3 Things You Must Know About Spousal Support

To get you started, here are a few things you have to know about spousal support:

  • The interim alimony amount will be higher than the final settlement.
  • Both men and women may have a right to support; for instance, a high-earning wife may be ordered to pay support to a husband who left his career to become a stay-at-home father. In fact, in recent years, experts have noted a dramatic increase in the number of women ordered to pay spousal support and support for children.
  • The alimony will be subject to modification until the final judgment. Be smart about your money.

There are a lot of important questions to ask about alimony. How long will it last? How does it get paid? How can it be modified? We use our experience to help you seek out the answers and fight for your rights.

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