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Adoptions: Your Options And Your Rights

Adoption is an incredibly special process, and the United States sees roughly 135,000 adoptions every single year.

However, the process is also time-consuming, expensive and complex. You cannot afford mistakes and oversights. You must understand the process, your rights and the rights of the child.

At Leslie L. Abrigo, APC, in Chula Vista, California, we help with both stepparent adoptions and independent adoptions. Our family law attorneys use our more than 20 years of experience to help you understand the process and your rights. We work hard on your behalf. We are easy to communicate with, trustworthy and focused. We know how important expanding your family is to you, and we give you the legal representation you deserve.

Independent Adoptions

In an independent adoption, you and the other parents select one another. It is an open adoption. You have a prior relationship with the birth father and mother. You just need to work through all of the details to formalize the adoption. For instance, you may want to consider what rights the birth parents will have to see the child in the future.

Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoptions are unique because these are children you already love as if they were your own. You are a stepparent through marriage. You may live with the children every day. You are intrinsically involved in their lives. You spend time forging those relationships. Adoption is about legally defining the relationship that you have already built so that the law recognizes it properly.

The Importance Of The Process

If you are ready to adopt, you want to open your heart and your home to welcome a child. The key is to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed so that nothing undermines that plan and hinders what is already so important to you. It is crucial to understand the process and your rights.

We can help you do that. We offer bilingual services, and Leslie L. Abrigo is a California Bar Board Certified Family Law Specialist. If you want to meet up with us for a consultation, just call us at 619-600-5902 or contact us online.