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Can your ex ignore your requests for child support?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | High-net Worth Child Support |

Even though you share your children with your ex, the custody arrangement you have might make your ex feel as though you do not deserve any financial support. Raising your children alone is a major sacrifice and one that requires the support of others.

When you understand the legal ramifications of unpaid child support, you might be able to incentivize your ex to pay. If a futile effort, you can present the evidence you have to a court of law to hopefully rectify the situation.


Modifications to your child support agreement might happen as life changes and time passes from your divorce. According to the California Child Support Services, either of you can request a change at any time. However, the courts will go through a lengthy process to determine that the reasons for requesting a modification have legitimate intentions.

The financial repercussions of unpaid child support can be pretty severe for your ex. Some of the steps officials might take to collect unpaid child support include the following:

  • Reporting activity to credit bureaus
  • Withholding income
  • Intercepting tax returns
  • Setting property liens
  • Levying financial accounts


Your ex could also have his or her passport taken away and driving privileges revoked. These consequences could interfere with travel, mobility and freedom. The restoration of these forms of identification only comes after your ex satisfies any unpaid child support debts.

Dealing with unpaid child support can create stress, angst and tension in your life. You deserve the financial support of your children’s other parent. Documenting your experiences and proactively addressing any skipped payments may improve your chances of a satisfactory outcome.