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How should you draft your postnuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | High-net Worth Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements |

If your engagement became too busy to discuss the possibility of a prenuptial agreement, fortunately, you still have the chance to draft a postnuptial agreement in California.

Knowing what to discuss with your spouse and what content to include will take time and thought. Having an idea of which topics to address may give purpose and meaning to your conversation.

Include details

You can never include too many details in a postnuptial agreement. Considering you may include clauses regarding finances, debt responsibilities, childcare and business ownership, the more clarity you provide, the better. According to U.S. News, there are a number of reasons to pursue a postnuptial including the following:

  • You have children from a previous relationship
  • You regret not having had a prenuptial agreement before
  • You or your partner chooses not to work during the marriage
  • You own or anticipate owning a business

Favor generosity

Your spouse may have reservations about creating a postnuptial agreement. Your willingness to provide generous offers may soften the situation and encourage compliance. Highlight the benefits of having an agreement and remind your spouse that because you care deeply about his or her well-being, a postnuptial can help both of you protect individual rights and autonomy.

Creating a postnuptial agreement can have its challenges. Working with an attorney may ease your stress and provide reassurance that you have not missed any critical parts. With a reliable agreement in place, you can focus on the growth and potential of your relationship and worry less about what will happen in the future. When leveraged appropriately, a functional agreement may amplify each other’s trust and respect.