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How can divorce be contagious?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | High-net Worth Divorce |

When you and your spouse split, you may not think about the impact it may have on others. Likewise, if you have divorced friends, you may not believe their experience can determine your own.

According to the Chicago Tribune, your divorce may be contagious.

Negativity can spread among friends

Most people know how it feels to vent amongst a friend group. It is easy to lose yourself in negative talk and to complain about everything in your relationship. While venting may be helpful and healthy, it can also consume you. If you only talk about negatives in a relationship, it may sour your perception. However, if negativity comes up more than positivity, you may need to explore the problems within your relationship. When it comes to divorce, couples should discuss the issues together.

Divorce can help you analyze your relationship

If you have issues in your relationship that you and your spouse cannot reconcile, a divorced friend may open your mind to other ideas. You may see how happy a person is outside of a bad marriage or the temporary high that follows a divorce. When you analyze your relationship, do you think the grass may be greener on the other side? In some cases, you probably should consider divorce sooner rather than later. If you worry about divorce becoming contagious, it may be because you know it is a possibility worth exploring.

Divorce does not have to be contagious, of course. Relationships can weather divorces between friendships, but in some cases, surrounding divorce can give you the courage to break out of a bad marriage.