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When a parent living overseas refuses to pay child support

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | High-net Worth Child Support |

For many custodial parents trying to raise children, child support is a contentious and draining topic and you need to stand up for your rights if your ex is refusing to fulfill their obligations. In some instances, such as non-custodial parents who move overseas, child support becomes a particularly difficult issue.

Although some custodial parents feel like giving up, there are a number of potential strategies to secure the assistance that you are counting on.

Looking at child support enforcement

If communication fails, you should look into your options with regard to child support enforcement. According to the Department of State, a number of those who owe more than $2,500 in back child support are denied passport services (except for returning to the U.S.). Depending on which country your ex is living in, you could have the ability to pursue the funds that they owe and provide your child with the resources that they need (such as school supplies, clothes, food and tuition). Unfortunately, some custodial parents give up or feel that enforcing a child support order is too difficult, even though they have the ability to take action and obtain the money that they desperately need.

Looking at the potential benefits of communication regarding child support

Depending on your circumstances, communication could play a key role in your ability to receive child support. If you have not reached out to your ex, talking to them about the situation could help. If you are thinking about talking to your ex, it is often a good idea to remain calm and show a certain degree of understanding. Unfortunately, some people are unable to contact their child’s other parent or their ex refuses to cooperate and talk about these issues.