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Staying in a toxic marriage due to the fear of moving on

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | High-net Worth Divorce |

If you are in a toxic marriage that is not working out, you need to look at your options with respect to divorce. Moreover, if you are hesitant to get divorced, look at your circumstances from different angles and think about how divorce will affect your life. People remain in dysfunctional marriages for different reasons, but some are afraid of moving on and the ways in which life changes after divorce.

Unfortunately, life often becomes more challenging for those who stay in a toxic marriage, whether they experience abuse, depression or other hardships.

Looking at the benefits of moving on from a toxic marriage

According to the Census Bureau, the divorce process can benefit women in a number of ways. For example, those who leave dysfunctional marriages are often less likely to experience domestic violence and many work more hours and find greater financial freedom. If you move on from a toxic marriage, you will likely benefit from an emotional point of view, whether you feel less anxiety or other mental challenges such as depression diminish.

Looking at anxiety and reluctance to get a divorce

Although divorce helps many people, some are hesitant because they are afraid of major changes or they worry that they cannot handle various responsibilities. Regrettably, some people have an unhealthy dependency on their marital partner, which is very concerning if they are mistreated or subjected to any form of abuse. Make sure you review all of your legal options and think about the long-term impact of ending your marriage if you are trying to decide whether getting a divorce is a good move.