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Dealing with a combative ex and child support

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | High-net Worth Child Support |

Our law firm recognizes that people face many different hardships in their lives as a result of child support orders. Sometimes, people simply cannot make the payments they owe, no matter how hard they try. On the other hand, some custodial parents do not receive the resources they desperately need, interfering with their ability to provide their child with school supplies, clothes, food and other essential items. Worse, some people have to deal with a combative ex amid these hardships.

If your child’s other parent has become very hostile, it is imperative to protect your rights and handle any family law issues carefully.

Minimizing conflict

For starters, some people are able to reduce tension with their ex, which often leads to a more favorable outcome and also helps prevent other hardships (such as litigation or bitter disputes that affect other family law issues such as custody arrangements). If you have the ability to reach out to your ex and discuss the problems you are facing, this will likely help. However, contacting an ex is not always possible and in some instances, it is a very bad idea.

Reviewing your options

Aside from getting in touch with your child’s other parent, there are other ways you can address the problems you are facing regarding child support. For example, setting up a payment plan or dealing with personal financial problems is a good idea if you are having a hard time making payments. Many parents also benefit from looking into child support enforcement if their ex refuses to pay what they owe. Also, parents who cannot afford to pay child support are sometimes able to modify their child support order. Review our website for more on this topic.