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Yes, it’s affected: parenting during the COVID-19 crisis

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | High-net Worth Child Custody |

When you really start to think about it, it’s difficult to conjure up any sphere of life that hasn’t been dramatically affected by the unprecedented health crisis now confronting us.

Proximity to other humans. Shopping. Banking. Work arrangements.

And parenting. Especially, as noted in one recent national publication spotlighting life in the age of COVID-19, parenting for families “navigating the already slippery terrain of co-parenting after separation or divorce.”

That can be problematic even when things – though challenging – are defined by a relatively routine and predictable status. By that we mean something like shared custody between mom and dad pursuant to a soundly crafted parenting plan.

What divorced parents with kids haven’t seen all that go out the proverbial window in recent weeks? Some intrusions on family life – e.g., a new marriage, a job loss, an illness – can unquestionably shake things up a bit. But coronavirus? It’s hard to even contemplate anything remotely comparable for the ability to turn life upside down.

Here’s an example: It’s your allotted time with the children, but they are in so-called “sheltering” mode miles away with your spouse, seemingly safe. Do you want to disturb that? What about your spouse?

How about a situation where you’re convinced that your ex-mate is manipulating the crisis to frustrate your parenting attempts? What if you and your former partner are just about unable to stand each other, but are now forced to contemplate nesting together for the duration of the viral outbreak?

We know at the proven Chula Vista family law firm of Leslie L. Abrigo  that things are starkly different these days. We encourage any of our readers having questions or concerns regarding any aspect of California child custody or co-parenting during this singular time to contact our proven family law firm for accurate answers and candid counsel.