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How to subvert co-parenting expectations

by | Apr 28, 2020 | High-net Worth Child Custody, High-net Worth Child Support |

Most parents have preconceived notions surrounding co-parenting. They imagine it will be expensive battles in the courtroom, constant disputes with their former partner and limited time their children. However, you don’t have to live up to those notions.

If both parents are on board, there are ways to effective co-parent where both parents play an active role in their children’s lives and still maintain a decent relationship with one another.

Consistency is key

Both parents must maintain the same rules in both environments. You do not want the child to experience strict guidelines at one home or get away with murder with the other parent.

It also helps if you can maintain consistency in the child’s routine and structure between the two households. Predictability helps children develop, primarily through challenging situations like divorce.

Practice positivity

It’s really easy to vocalize our anger, especially at our co-parent. However, both parents should agree to practice positivity around the children. You do not want to create hostility between your children and their other parent because you ten to say too much.

If you ever need to vent, try to go out to a coffee or a drink with a friend. It will be a judgment-free space where you can express everything on your mind without exposing your issues with your children.

Stop accusing and start discussing.

It’s critical to stop the negative talk with your co-parent as well. You shouldn’t punish your ex or condemn your co-parent to their face. Instead, approach them and try to work through problems together. If you keep the line of communication open, it will make everything significantly easier in the long run.

These tips will make your co-parenting relationship more manageable, but it won’t stop all conflict. Remember, there are always other options if you have to make significant changes – especially for your child’s wellbeing.