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Frankel and Hoppy not getting along during child custody case

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Firm News, High-net Worth Child Custody |

Many California parents understand what it is like to disagree about child-related issues. For SkinnyGirl founder, Bethenny Frankel, and her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, those disagreements have led to a contentious courtroom battle that is finally coming to a close. Soon, the judge overseeing their child custody case will hand down a ruling.

Hoppy recently spoke about his 9-year-old daughter, saying her best interests are all that matter to him where Frankel is concerned. He said that going to counseling has helped him lay to rest the ill feelings he has had for the child’s mother in the past. He also happened to mention to the court, however, that not only does he disagree with much of what Frankel has said during child custody proceedings, he also thinks she is lying about certain issues.

Hoppy and Frankel have not seen eye to eye on matters of faith regarding their daughter. They are definitely not the first ex-spouses to fight over religious issues during custody proceedings. Hoppy told the court his daughter sadly tells him that she tries to pray at her mother’s house, but she is reprimanded and forbidden to do so.

While Hoppy has said he is fine with the current shared child custody agreement he has with Frankel, the same cannot be said for Frankel herself. In fact, she is asking the court for sole custody of her daughter. The judge is expected to issue a ruling in the near future. Any California parent currently concerned about similar matters may wish to discuss his or her particular circumstances with an experienced family law attorney.