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High-net worth divorce: What will it mean for Adele?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Firm News, High-net Worth Divorce |

Many music lovers in California and worldwide count Adele as one of their favorite artists. A recent announcement that she is headed for a high-net worth divorce prompted many fans to post their thoughts on social media. Some have said they believe the singer’s personal life will likely spark a new album and may ultimately add to her $180 million net worth.

Whether a spouse happens to be a celebrity or not, when a high value assets are at stake, a divorce can get quite messy. State law has significant bearing on property division proceedings. California operates under community property rules, meaning that all marital property (and debt) is typically split 50/50 in divorce.

Media reports suggest that Adele did not sign a prenuptial agreement before she got married. The soon-to-be former couple has a 5-year-old son. These factors may also influence the court’s final decisions regarding their settlement. When one spouse earns a substantially higher income than the other, it often prompts a judge to order spousal support. Child support is also a likely issue, though no information has been provided on such topics in Adele’s case.

While it is true that a high-net worth divorce can be complex and stressful, there are several ways to keep stress to a minimum. The most logical step to take is to rely on an experienced California family law attorney to help negotiate an agreement or litigate an issue, as needed. Any parent concerned about custody, support or property division matters may request a consultation for guidance in determining a best course of action.