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Issues to discuss in high-net worth child custody cases

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Firm News, High-net Worth Child Custody |

When California parents divorce or when unmarried parents decide to end their relationships, they usually have to negotiate agreements regarding various child-related issues, such as where their children will live or what a parenting plan will be. Those in high-net worth child custody situations may be able to achieve agreeable outcomes if they focus on several important issues during negotiations. Keeping children’s best interests in mind is definitely a key factor to maintaining an amicable relationship with a co-parent.

The most successful co-parenting plans include parents who consider their children’s needs their highest priority. Even if there may be unresolved issues between parents that stem from their past marriage or romantic relationship, if they can set those feelings aside and work together for their children’s sake, it is best for everyone involved in the long run. Critical issues that should be addressed in negotiations include matters of discipline, decision-making authority and emergency care plans, meaning details regarding who should be notified of a child-related emergency and who can consent to medical care, etc.

Other important topics include future relationships. Many parents include terms regarding when or if a new romantic partner may be introduced to a child. Parents who hope to maintain amicable co-parenting relationships will also want to address issues concerning finances, especially what is to happen if an urgent financial situation arises, such as a medical emergency.

The nice thing about co-parenting plans is that they are greatly customizable in accordance with California guidelines. Parents in high-net worth child custody situations can incorporate as much detail as necessary to help them devise a thorough plan that helps them protect their children’s best interests as the learn to parent from separate households. An experienced family law attorney can remain on hand to help overcome any legal obstacles that arise.