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Former NBA star talks about high-net worth child support issues

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Firm News, High-net Worth Child Support |

Retired NBA star Matt Barnes has been entangled in a bitter custody battle with his ex. They are co-parents of twin boys, and Barnes recently celebrated a court victory that gave him sole physical and legal custody of his children. Like many celebrities, Barnes has been posting pictures of himself and his sons on Instagram; however, he also added some disparaging remarks about women regarding high-net worth child support situations. California parents facing similar problems may relate to this situation.

Barnes spoke in a self-made video, saying it doesn’t take tens of thousands of dollars to raise children. Those who have been following the former basketball star’s litigation situation may assume his remarks were covertly directed toward the mother of his two boys. He went on to say that many women exploit their children by using them in child support litigation to get money they then spend on their own luxurious lifestyles. 

Barnes won sole custody of his sons after their mother was arrested and accused of child endangerment. She is currently engaged to a former teammate of Barnes and has been ordered by the court to attend parenting classes and anger management sessions. Barnes posted a congratulatory message to his former NBA pal, saying he initially had trouble with the relationship between his friend and his ex but understands that his children’s best interests are most important and he appreciates the fact that his former teammate seems to have their well-being in mind.

High-net worth child support or custody situations are often highly emotionally charged. California parents facing such problems do not need to struggle through their circumstances alone. Retaining the assistance of an experienced family law attorney is often the first step toward obtaining a positive outcome in court.