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Being a high-income couple may increase your chances of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Firm News |

One of the biggest worries of any married couple comes down to money. It seems that it is usually the lack of money that causes frustration and fights in a marriage. But you may be surprised to learn that there is new evidence that being financial secure and having personal prosperity may also be bad for a marriage. 

Difficulty arises with wealthy couples when one spouse is making substantially more money than their partner is. The high-income spouse may also be on a career trajectory that is rising faster and higher than the other spouse. The spouse with the low income may be staying at home with the kids, working on a business plan or maybe even working on a creative endeavor that has yet to take off. Many times, this makes the low-income spouse function as a support system to the high wage earner. As a supporting spouse, they may find themselves doing extra work at home or handling situations alone while the other spouse is out making the high-income. Situations they may not want to be in.

High-income trouble

This type of dynamic has shown not to work over time. With such a significant gap in the wage earning between the spouses, it is inevitable that tensions may boil over. One example of this may come in the form of the spending habits of the low-income spouse. With more time on their hands, that spouse may partake in spending some of the accumulating income that the other spouse is bringing home. This can obviously anger the income earning spouse, who may feel they are being taken advantage of. The spending spouse may feel attacked by these allegations and believes that the purchases are justified, and they should not be put under scrutiny.

The stay at home spouse may also experience loneliness if they are home alone, even if it is to take care of the children. If there was once a promising career in the recent past, they may feel depressed that they are not continuing that endeavor. These feelings and emotions can rise up and cause friction in the marriage.

The economy can also be a factor

The national economy can even play a part in divorce. If the country is experiencing poor financial times, it can draw couples closer together as they feel they need each other to weather the storm. But if the economy is thriving, one person in the marriage may feel they can strike off on their own and can make it without relying on the other spouse’s income.

For those who believe that having money in a marriage will solve all their problems, they may be disappointed to find out that is not necessarily the case. High-income couples can just as easily decide on divorce as a lower income couple. Regardless of your financial situation, if you are considering divorce, you should get legal assistance right away, and begin working on a new financial future.