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Are you headed for high-net worth divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Firm News, High-net Worth Divorce |

No one can predict which California marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. A recent study, however, suggests that wealthy people might be more likely to end their marriages in court than those of lesser means. High-net worth divorce is often complex, so if that’s true, spouses who are considering filing divorce papers may want to act alongside experienced legal support.

Research shows that money is a significant factor toward stress. It also seems to be a causal factor in many divorce situations. If spouses disagree about finances and are unable to resolve their differences, it can definitely put a lot of strain on their relationship.

In many high-net worth situations, there is a primary breadwinner, perhaps earning several million dollars per year or more while the other spouse stays home full time. This creates a great economic disparity between spouses that often leads to marital discord. It is not just the money but the lifestyle that often accompanies high wage-earning careers. Spouses who earn top dollar incomes often have to spend a lot time away from home, which can also place heavy stress on a marriage.

Couples with substantial incomes often have high expenses. If spouses do not agree as to how to disburse their monies or which debts should be paid back first, it can cause a breakdown in a relationship, which for some couples, is irreparable. As for legal support, a California attorney experienced in high-net worth divorce cases would be a great asset during property division proceedings.