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Woman paying spousal support thinks it is time to stop

When a California judge orders someone to provide financial assistance to an former wife or husband, it is usually on a temporary basis. While unique circumstances might warrant permanent payments, it is common for spousal support to last a given amount of time. The idea is to help a former spouse make ends meet until he or she is able to independently sustain his or her own financial lifestyle.

A woman in another state was always the primary breadwinner in her marriage. She was not surprised when the court ordered her to pay spousal support when she and her husband divorced. The court order stated that the support was to last five years.

High-net worth divorce: Jeff Bezos trying to preserve his wealth

Most California residents have shopped on Amazon at one time or other. However, many may not know that the founder of the company, Jeff Bezos, is preparing for high-net worth divorce proceedings. As the richest man in the world, he reportedly has many issues to resolve, especially the 16 percent of shares he owns in the company he created and in which he acts as the current CEO.

There has been speculation regarding an alleged extramarital affair between Bezos and a former television personality. However, Bezos himself has issued a public statement, stating that he and his wife intend to part on amicable terms. He also said they are looking forward to a future where they will remain friends and, perhaps, enter joint business ventures together.

Issues to discuss in high-net worth child custody cases

When California parents divorce or when unmarried parents decide to end their relationships, they usually have to negotiate agreements regarding various child-related issues, such as where their children will live or what a parenting plan will be. Those in high-net worth child custody situations may be able to achieve agreeable outcomes if they focus on several important issues during negotiations. Keeping children's best interests in mind is definitely a key factor to maintaining an amicable relationship with a co-parent.

The most successful co-parenting plans include parents who consider their children's needs their highest priority. Even if there may be unresolved issues between parents that stem from their past marriage or romantic relationship, if they can set those feelings aside and work together for their children's sake, it is best for everyone involved in the long run. Critical issues that should be addressed in negotiations include matters of discipline, decision-making authority and emergency care plans, meaning details regarding who should be notified of a child-related emergency and who can consent to medical care, etc.

Monthly spousal support: Is it avoidable in California?

Thousands of people in California will face high-net worth divorce situations in 2019. Such circumstances often spark contentious disputes between spouses who don't see eye to eye regarding financial issues. Many spouses may be hoping to avoid having to make monthly spousal support payments.

Some individuals simply want to settle everything in one fell swoop so that they can put the past behind them and move on in life. If the court orders monthly payments to provide financial supplement to a spouse, it is a constant reminder of things past and can have a negative effect on one's ability to adapt to a new lifestyle. However, there may be a way to avoid a monthly payment.

Is spousal support an option for me?

Anyone fortunate enough to live in financial security knows the stress that comes with ending a marriage. What will become of your assets? How much could you lose? Will you be able to maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to? These questions are even more pressing for anyone who married into financial stability.

The court understands that you want to maintain a similar quality of life during your separation and after your divorce is finalized; that is why orders for spousal support are so common during divorce. Spousal support is money paid from a financially secure spouse to the other so that they may support themselves.

High-net worth property division: Categorize your assets

Many married couples choose to live in California for the weather and/or other amenities. Not all of them take time to research divorce laws before moving to a particular state. Any spouse confronting divorce proceedings involving high-net worth property division will want to become familiar with the community property guidelines that are followed in this state.

Nine states operate under community property rules in divorce. It means that the judge overseeing a particular case will typically divide marital assets 50/50. If spouses signed a prenuptial agreement before they were wed, the terms of that contract may have significant bearing on property division proceedings in divorce.

Former celebrity couple in high-net worth child custody dispute

Thomas Ravenel, a star on the TV show Southern Charm, has petitioned the court for sole custody of his two children, and he is also asking that the judge overseeing his case order the children's mother, Kathryn Dennis, to pay child support. This high-net worth child custody dispute involves allegations of illegal drug activity and other issues that may influence the court's final decisions in the matter. California parents currently trying to resolve similar issues will want to learn as much as they can about state laws and where to seek legal support as needed.

Dennis already had her custody privileges taken away once before and was ordered to enter drug rehabilitation, which she did. Since she regained custody, however, Ravenel has filed new documents, in which he has stated that Dennis not only continues to abuse prescription medication, she often drinks exorbitant amounts of alcohol while taking such drugs, thus placing his children at great risk. Ravenel further claims that Southern Charm producers and some cast members fuel Dennis's illegal drug habit by engaging in buying, selling and trading prescription meds with her.

California high-net worth property division: Protect your assets

Many California married couples enjoy the luxuries and benefits that come from earning high incomes. When such couples file for divorce, high-net worth property division issues can be quite complex. It is easy for obstacles to arise and critical to understand how community property division rules work and what options are available to help protect assets.

While it is true that many high income couples sign prenuptial agreements before marriage, this option does not guarantee that problems will not arise concerning community assets if divorce later occurs. Prenuptial contracts can indeed help define which assets are separately owned. However, sometimes separate property may be converted to community property when monies are commingled, such as in jointly owned bank accounts.

Pitt and Jolie settle high-net worth child custody dispute

California parents who decide to divorce but who also happen to disagree on critical issues involving their children often have to battle things out in court. In a high-net worth child custody dispute, such as that which Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been entangled in for several years, things can get quite complicated, especially if one or both parents make accusations that the other is unfit. Pitt and Jolie have gone to court numerous times to try to resolve their differences.  

Updates on the situation were recently published, stating the former couple has finally agreed on a co-parenting plan; therefore, no trial will be necessary. Past reports had suggested that Jolie was determined to go to trial to seek physical custody of her children. Some say it was Pitt's personal persuasion that convinced her to settle out of court.  

Protect high-net worth assets with a prenuptial agreement

Getting married is a milestone many California residents might consider one of the greatest highlights of their lives. Months of planning often precedes such occasions. It is not uncommon to feel a bit nervous or anxious before the big day, especially when thinking about finances. It is also not uncommon for those with high-net worth assets to want to protect their interests in case their marriages end in divorce.

Some say it is highly unromantic to talk about divorce while planning a wedding. However, a solid prenuptial plan can be a boost to a relationship if one considers its benefits. For instance, if an intended spouse is entering marriage with substantial debt in tow, a prenuptial agreement can protect the other spouse from having to assume that debt if the couple later decides to go  their separate ways.

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