The Law Office of Leslie L. Abrigo, APC, understands how difficult it can be to understand all aspects of immigration to and from the United States.

Our staff can help you with your current immigration case through consultation or legal action in one or more of the following instances:

Illegal Presence
This is a very complicated area of ​​law. It is an area of ​​intense debate and the possibility of a change under the current administration of President Obama. Regarding the request for a visa here in the US, now, no matter what type of visa you are applying, whether it is based on a family petition, a work visa or investor visa, your application will be denied if you entered the country illegally to. You will have to leave the US and apply in their country of origin or cross with inspection in order to apply for any "forgiveness" immigration. Even then, if there is evidence of their illegal presence in the US, you may not be allowed his return to the US depending on the period of time you have lived illegally in the US

Previous Deportation / Criminal Records
If you have a deportation order in their immigration history, you may be ineligible for immigration "excuse me" if you are currently in deportation proceedings. Any future application may be denied depending on when the deportation order was obtained. You should be aware that certain crimes so will be ineligible for "forgiveness". We must examine their criminal history and when the convictions were obtained for crimes and crimes nature to determine if you are eligible for "forgiveness".

Deportation / "Pardons" Available deportation process
You might be in the middle of deportation proceedings and should be advised of the options to resolve that are available to you. There are several options we can discuss during your consultation with this office. Our office is responsible for adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, asylum, withholding of deportation, VAWA, and NACARA just to name a few.

Investors and Work Visas
Many people are misinformed about the types of investments and the amount of money a person must invest to get an investor visa. If you are currently looking for business opportunities and investment opportunities in the US, we can help you organize your efforts in terms of how this investment can help in obtaining a visa that would allow him to legally enter and live in the US . We have obtained visas for our clients and investors work with many professionals who know how to direct and plan an investment that would not only be prudent for your financial future, but also their immigration status.

As an employee, the period of time to get his work visa depends on the country their country of origin and the type of work you plan to do for your employer.

Family sponsored visas
The period of time a familiar application will be determined by your country of origin, immediate relative is a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, your income, and if you have all the necessary documentation for your application.

If you do not meet the income requirements for your application, you may have family or friends can help as a co-sponsor of your family member.

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