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Child custody
One of the hardest things to handle during a divorce is sharing minors. It is possible that his wife in principle agreed to share the children, but with only change his mind or simply change it suits him to do so. You may also have a wife you want to fight with you over who will have the most time with the children. During this terrible process, you must be guided by someone who wants to put the interests of children first, and help you work with the other parent in a visitation plan that is fair, not only for parents, but more importantly for children. The Law Office of Leslie L. Abrigo, APC can help during this process, creating a plan that will help to make things easier. If you currently have orders for exchanging child and are not satisfied with the orders, we will help you work with another parent to find solutions that can lead to better allocation of time. We are here to work not only for you, if not with you.

Division of property and debts
In terms of their common marital property and debts, the State of California is a community property state. This means that everything earned or acquired during marriage (including debts, excluding only inheritance, donations and property acquired before marriage) can be considered community property, the court divided equally between the couple. If you and your spouse have acquired properties and significant debts during their marriage, it must be advised properly not only as it will divide the assets tribunal, but also how you can assign rights and responsibilities to either spouse, or like paying debts, or who will obtain and acquire certain properties.

Spousal support
You should also know your rights regarding any support obligation that you may have with your wife  or your spouse have with you. As for the maintenance of the wife in many families may one party winning more than the other, or one of l experienced a significant decrease in income towards the end of a marriage, or if there is a change circumstances after separation where one spouse may have a need for support, and help is available for the wife they need. The amount of support from the wife to receive and period time can receive depends on the income of both parties, the duration of marriage, and application support long-term, many other factors affecting the amount the court determined as the amount the wife requires and if the other party can afford it.

Child Support
Your right to spousal support  will also be affected by its support obligation. Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children; However, at the same time, the courts analyze the amount of time each parent shares with her children in order to determine the child support obligation. The percentage of timeshare and income of both parties (except if you have zero percent time with children), are connected by a mathematical equation to determine an amount according to the law. The parties are free to have agreements other than the amounts dictated by the law, however, in case of disagreement, the courts will be based on the mathematical formula for calculating the support order.

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